Unplug & Ride On

At Texas Youth Cycling, our mission is simple: to get you and your kids outside and onto your bikes. We aim to help you reconnect with your own minds, disconnect from your screens, enjoy nature, and--perhaps, most importantly--get healthy exercise and create good times and lasting memories!

Why Choose Texas Youth Cycling?

Get Outside & Have Some Fun: Discover the thrill of two-wheeled adventures with our expert-led youth cycling programs. From scenic group rides to exciting races, we make cycling an exhilarating journey no matter your experience level.

Accessible & Affordable: We believe in enabling kids to embrace the thrill of cycling without demanding a substantial investment of time or money. With a focus on creating an adventurous and inclusive environment for everyone, our programs ensure that a child won't need the latest and greatest cycling gear to join in the fun.

Competitive Edge & Developmental Programs: For those hungry for competition, our programs offer a pathway to excel. Our seasoned coaches are dedicated to nurturing future cycling champions while we work to build developmental programs for youth cyclists – something the U.S. is currently lacking.

Inclusivity, Community & Connection: We embrace diversity and believe that cycling unites us all. Our vibrant community fosters friendships, teamwork, and a sense of belonging that extends beyond the saddle. And, perhaps most importantly, we promote reconnection with nature and the natural mind.

Safety & Training: We work to ensure safe riding environments and provide cutting-edge training techniques to ensure your child's cycling experience is unmatched.

Competent & Passionate Coaches: Our experienced coaches have developed high-quality programs to guide children and teens to become confident, skilled cyclists while creating lasting friendships and a deeper appreciation for the outdoors.

Where Do We Ride?

At Texas Youth Cycling, we understand the best cycling routes in Dallas and the surrounding areas. As cycling infrastructure improves, we're able to offer exciting events on or near The Loop Dallas that cater to all levels of cycling expertise. That's 50 total miles of scenic trails and public green space for our cyclists to enjoy!

Want to Know More About TXYC?

Ready to introduce your child to the world of cycling? Whether they're a budding enthusiast or a competitive spirit, Texas Youth Cycling is the perfect place to nurture their passion. Together, we can embark on a journey to a healthier, more active, and exhilarating life on two wheels.

Interested in helping build youth cycling in north Texas (and beyond)? Get in touch or sign up for our newsletter on our events page.